A social media audit and strategy is a vital piece of your social media toolkit. A social media audit looks at your existing social media presence (if any) and that of your competitors or others within your industry. The audit also examines your audience to determine when they are online, the platform(s) they are using and their interests. By understanding this information, I can then create a strategy to maximise reach and engagement with your ideal clients.

The social media strategy element determines how you’ll use social media to engage with your audience. Points covered include:

  • Ideal social media platform for reaching your audience

  • Posting schedule

  • Content type and sources of content

  • Language tone and type

Your social media audit and strategy includes:

  • Detailed briefing session (either face to face or via phone).

  • Detailed report submitted firstly as a draft and one set of modifications with your input.

    This blog post looks at why a social media strategy is essential for social media marketing success.

Let’s work

Stacey is such an insightful, professional, and creative lady who has truly done justice to my social media strategy from conceptualisation. She is always proactive in collaborating with other professionals involved with my business such as web designers and graphic designers to achieve the best results. To follow-up, I had 1:1 training with Stacey which was incredibly thorough and tailored to my specific needs.Thank you Stacey for the care and wisdom you have invested in my social media strategy and the empathy you have shown when I’ve needed your assistance!
— Lisa, Cool Kidz' Mealz.