2 reasons why your social media shouldn't take a holiday in January

January in Australia…… for most of us it means a time off from work, trips to the beach, lazing by the pool or taking a well earned holiday. 

The last thing most small business owners want to be thinking about is their social media marketing efforts, right?

But, while you’re waiting for a flight, taking the train into the city to catch a bit of cricket or take advantage of the Boxing Day sales, look around you – what are all your fellow travellers doing? That’s right, killing time on social media. When you think about it, it should come as no surprise that January is apeak time for social media usage in Australia.  We have more down time, relaxing time, travel time – all events that for most of us, mean our phones are close at hand.

For many, January is a time for resetting, making plans for the year ahead and tacking those jobs that they didn’t have time to do during the year.  With tools such as Facebook and Google reviews forming a huge part of people’s purchase decision making process, if you’re not active on social media, you might just miss out.

So, as a business, it really doesn’t make sense for your social media marketing to take a holiday in January, even if you’re taking one yourself.

Thankfully, there is a way that you can still take a holiday from your business without sacrificing your social media efforts.  AtAlfalfa Socialwe offer short term social media coverage from as little as $165 per month. Whether it’s creating and posting Facebook or Instagram content, or replying to Tweets and messages, we can help keep you visible on social media over the holiday period or at any other busy time of the year.

In short, there’s two very good reasons why January should be all social media systems go:

  1. Your customers are using social media more than ever.

  2. Your competitors are still active on social media.

Can you afford not to be on social media these summer holidays?

Meirav Dulberg